10 May 2015: DCMC performance at SPOR FESTIVAL

Six Danish composers and sound artists have come together to form the orchestra DCMC, which basically deals with presenting live music encoded for extinct computers. 
Performance-installation at Aarhus Kunsthal, Sunday 10 May, 12.30 pm

Danish Computer Music Confederation

DCMC is:
  • Sandra Boss: Sound artist, composer.
  • Jonas Olesen: Sound artist, composer.
  • Søren Lyngsø Knudsen: Sound artist, composer.
  • Mikkel Moir Pihl: Sound artist, composer.
  • Jonas R. Kirkegaard: Sound artist, composer.
  • Morten Riis: Sound artist, composer.

The choice of these obsolete computers should not be understood only as a nostalgic look back to the composer's childhood as they all grew up with this type of technology, but as a staging and study of the forgotten and neglected potentials inherent in these first home computers. The old and forgotten technological voices, which today has been removed from our consciousness, is brought to life again and tells us about a time when it was still possible to create remarkable and relevant computer music.

In collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus